12 Angry Men Casted

Director, Maureen Style, was thrilled when she had many qualified men come forward and audition for the all-male cast of the upcoming “12 Angry Men” production.  As a result, she has assembled an outstanding assortment of talent to work with and will be bringing some new faces to HTC’s stage.

Rehearsals have been underway for weeks now, utilizing the new Hutchinson Center for the Arts (HCA) facility.  As a director, Maureen is challenged to simulate the show setting at the Center until the final week leading to the opening night of November 1st when she and the cast will relocate to a new performance venue…the Crow River Winery.

The Here is the list of cast members:

Foreman…. Brian Wilson

2nd Juror…. Sam Rydberg

3rd Juror…. Allen Reed

4th Juror…. Mark Santelman

5th Juror…. Andrew Miner

6th Juror…. Tom Nelson

7th Juror…. John Beck

8th Juror…. Bill Haas

9th Juror…. Malon Wareing

10th Juror…. Joe Ruskamp

11th Juror…. Mike Martin

12th Juror …. Brian Stark

Guard…. Mark Lewandowski

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Lauer

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