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2012 show line-up will be announced at Gala

Everybody has been curious what HTC has for their 2012 show line-up.  If you want to be the first to know, attend our 10th Anniversary Gala event this Friday, December 2.

If you are not able to make our celebration…check back on our web site home page on Saturday, December 3rd for the shows!

HTC awarded grant to upgrade website

HTC is leveraging a grant award through Southwest Minnesota Arts & Humanities Council to upgrade their website and add capabilities.  Among the improvement include:

  • Calendar tool
  • Posting
  • Email subscription with automatic notifications each time there is a update
  • Ability to manage home page slide-show (flash)

The new website is being launched to co-inside with the 10th Anniversary Gala event of Friday, December 2.  It is at this event the 2012 show line-up will be announced.  The new website will publish this information following the Gala event.


HTC teaming with Historic Hutch to produce “Smoke on the Mountain”

HTC will work with Historic Hutch to deliver a unique musical production called “Smoke on the Mountain” in the summer 2012.  The venue for the performances will be in Historic Hutch’s recently acquired old church on the corner of 2nd Ave and Hassan St.

This production will be in addition to HTC’s regularly planned 3 productions each year.  The effort is intended to be a fund-raiser event as well as promoting the historic church.

Test Cast & Crew Post

Test post