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Bingo-The Winning Musical Cast

Cast announced for

Bingo….the Winning Musical

Best friends and bingo pals Vern, Honey, and Patsy brave a terrible storm in order to attend the yearly celebration of the Birth of Bingo and tribute to its founder, Edwin S. Lowe. Events of the evening remind them of the ominous night fifteen years ago that began the same way. Flashbacks help tell the story of the circumstances that lead to the splintering of lifelong relationships. A mystery guest at the present day bingo night helps to bring about healing within the group. Lively songs, audience engagement, silly superstitions, and lots of friendly jabs and jokes will make this a memorable, enjoyable show.

Vern – (Lena Mowlem) The matriarch of the group of friends. Funny, robust, stubborn, and crusty, but with a good heart buried under a gruff exterior.
Patsy – (Lori Thul) Obsessively superstitious. Can be played as naïve, neurotic, mousey or any/all of the above. But underneath the anxiety lies a rock star who can let it rip!
Honey – (Rhoda Hubbard) Strong on looks, but a little weak on intellect. Plays a “past her prime sex kitten” who has not yet given up on true love.
Minnie – (Catherine Libor Huse) The friendly bingo hall manager, who is gifted at interacting and improvising with the audience (her “bingo patrons”), with a warm, engaging energy.
Bernice – (Laurie Goodwater) Supermom; sweet, cheerful, peacemaker, pie baker of the group.
Allison – (DeeAnn Hartsuiker) Daughter of Bernice; optimistic, passionate; determined to right a wrong from the past.
Sam- (Ray Norton) Bingo caller with a past; very appealing either in looks, personality, or both. Takes his job as a caller very seriously and only gets flustered when Honey gets his attention (which happens a lot).
You are welcome to contact Jenine Nordquist, director, 320-582-0711, with any questions.