Changes at HTC and why

Why change location from the Peace Center?

In the past, the Hutchinson Theatre Company (HTC) enjoyed using the Peace Center for the spring and fall productions. However, HTC was not able to continue to rent the Peace Center.

About the Hutchinson Center for the Arts venue

The Hutchinson area has few venues available for HTC’s live productions given the extensive time and space requirements for rehearsal and staging, as well as our budgetary constraint.  The Center for the Arts is able to provide a smaller intimate theatre setting which will be used for our upcoming “Hot Property” production in April.  The seating arrangement will be rows of chairs with each row off-set for favorable viewing. It will not be unlike last summer’s production of “Smoke On The Mountain” which was very successfully staged in a small, intimate space.

Parking directly in front of the Hutchinson Center for the Arts is limited.  Additional parking lots are located within a block of the Center.  We will look into the possibility of blocking off some parking spots for handicapped permitted vehicles.

What…no dessert?

We recognize the absence of food at our theatre performance may be disappointing for some of you. Although HTC cannot currently provide refreshments during the spring performances, we encourage patrons to take advantage of all the local restaurants before and after the shows.

Ticket Price

We have adjusted the ticket prices of the spring performances from the previous price of $20 to $18.

Even though the venue has changed, that doesn’t change our intent to continue to deliver high-quality theater performances.

What are the plans for the Summer Musical?

We will continue to use the Hutchinson High School for the 2013 production.

What are the plans for the Fall production?

At this point, we are planning to have the fall production of “Imaginary Invalid” at the Center for the Arts.  This setting will be providing an assortment of delicious hors d’oeuvres/appetizers and beverages provided by a reputable caterer.  Here too, the price of the tickets has been reduced to reflect this change from previous dinner theatre prices of $35 to $25.

Will HTC return to Crow River Winery?

The fall of 2012 had a play with a very simple set (large table with chairs and a modest background) and renting the Crow River Winery for the short 3-week duration for that particular play was feasible.  The Crow River Winery had the facility suitable for a dinner theatre arrangement. We hope to be able to produce another show there at a later date.