Laura Auditions: Jan 26th & 27th

Auditions for “Laura” will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 26-27, at the Hutchinson Center for the Arts from 6 – 8 p.m.  No need to make an appointment; you will be reading from the script.  Auditions will be held on a first-come, first serve basis.


The Hutchinson Center for the Arts is located at 15 Jefferson Ave. SW.  Show director is Mike Martin; you may phone him at 320-582-2496.


Brief Description of the Play


This mystery, which spawned the 1944 movie, “Laura” is a murder “who-done-it.”  Police detective Mark McPherson is assigned to investigate the murder of famous socialite Laura Hunt.   Quite early in the play, the murder mystery becomes more complicated as Laura arrives at her apartment, very much alive.  Who was murdered?  Who did the murderer intend to kill?  Who, in the end, is the killer.  And finally, is someone still in danger?




Mark McPherson – 30 something detective assigned to the case of solving the murder of the famous Laura Hunt (primary role).


Danny Dorgan – 19 year old neighbor of Laura Hunt.


Waldo Lydecker – Gentleman in his late forties, impeccable dress and manners, who thinks quite highly of the position he and Laura held in New York society; friend and confidante of Laura (primary role).


Bessie Clary – 40-ish maid of Laura.


Shelby Carpenter – Fiancé of Laura Hunt (primary role).


Mrs. Dorgan – Proper, eccentric 40-50 year old mother of Danny Dorgan.


Laura Hunt – Famous, successful New York socialite and business woman, who seems to have a bewitching quality with those who know her (primary role).


Mr. Olsen – plain clothes police officer.