Gilligan’s Island – The Musical

A musical comedy written by Sherwood & Lloyd Schwartz with music & lyrics by Lawrence & Hope Juber. Creative Director Jim Fahey.

 Cast List:

Gilligan: Tyler (Chuck) Peterson
The Skipper: Bill Haas
The Millionaire (Howell): Jeff Benni
The Millionaire’s wife (Lovey): Kathy Hanneman
The Movie Star (Ginger): Rhoda Hubbard Anderson
The Professor: Daryl Patrick
Mary Ann: Maia Coyle
Alien: Lori Thul

 About the Play:

Just sit back and you’ll hear a tale… These seven familiar characters are shipwrecked on an island. Natural disasters befall them…hurricanes, quicksand, etc. But their biggest challenge is the U.F.O. and its Alien who monitors their behavior. Will the castaways manage to defeat the extraterrestrial? Will they get off the island? “Gilligan’s Island: The Musical” has everything, comedy, heart, love, drama, nostalgia, and sing-able songs.