Once Upon a Mattress

Written by: Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller & Marshall Barer

Music by: Mary Rodgers and Lyrics by: Marshall Barer. Creative director: Jeff Fahey. Shows ran August 7, 8, 9.

Cast List:

Queen Aggravain – Patti Cogley
King Sextimus the Silent – Tyler Lauer
Prince Dauntless -Logan Schumacher
Princess Winnifred – Chersti Rydning
Sir Harry- Ben Ballard
Lady Larken – Kelsey Corrick
Wizard – Mike Martin
Jester – Chuck Peterson
Minstrel – Isaac Unseth
Princess No. 12 – Leah Olinger
Sir Studley – David Olson
Sir Luce- Josh Piepmeier
Luce’s Lady – Maia Coyle
Lady Mabelle – Cassie Nordman
1st Knight – Alex McCleskey
2nd Knight – Jeremy Harris
Lady Rowena – Nikkie Nouwen
Lady Merrill – Miriam Unseth
Lady Lucille – Kirsten Grorud
Kitchen Wench – Sam Rudy
1st Lady – Lisa Noll
2nd Lady – Hailey Farrell
3rd Lady – Jennifer Becker
Nightingale – Catherine Libor
Harold – Naomi Coyle
Beatrice – Talia Piepmeier


Kirsten Akkerman
Georgeann Nackerud
Natalie Olmstead
Aspen Billiet
Naomi Coyle
Steven Palmer
Talia Piepmeier
Shanel Goranowski
Bill Haas
Tylan Rogers
Haley Jacobsen
Nina Yerks-Boich
Monica Lewandowski

About the Play:

Based on the fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea, this musical centers around Prince Dauntless the Drab whose mother, Queen Agravain, seeking to keep the boy to herself, has declared that he will wed only a true princess of royal blood. When Princess Winnifred arrives dripping wet (having swam the moat!) and declares herself a contender for the Prince’s hand, the Queen devises a clever test to determine whether this self-proclaimed princess is worthy of her son.