Barefoot in the Park

A comedy by Neil Simon. Directed by Mary Haugen.

Cast List:

Cori Bratter – Stacy Neuhaus
Paul Bratter – Joe Ruskamp
Mrs. Banks – Sonja Johnson
Victor Velasco – Bill Haas
Telephone Repair Man – Nataniel Hults
Delivery Man – Jerry Haag

About the Play:

Chalk up another great comedy by Neil Simon. This romantic comedy about a conservative young lawyer. Paul Bratter and his irrepressible bride, Corrie, has captivated audiences since 1967. Original acting by Robert Redford and Jane Fonda with Oscar nomination.

This play takes place in Greenwich Village Brownstone in a one-room apartment, with no heat, a hole in the skylight, and odd-ball neighbors. Follow this couple as they transition from the honeymoon to the realities of marriage.