GypsyCreated by Jule Styne with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Directed by Maureen Style and Music Director, Stacy Halter. Choreography by Rebecca Walsh, Melanie Brown, Cameron Brown and Lacey Brown. Tech support by Jason Alferness.


Rose… Krista Green
Baby June… Erika Tillmann
Baby Louise… Ivy Nunva
June… Paige Nordquist
Louise… Hailey Style Drew
Gypsy Rose Lee… Meghan Haas
Herbie… Bill Haas
Uncle Jocko… Mike Martin
Georgie… Steven Palmer
Balloon Girl… Mara Pollman
Clarinet Child… Cora Zackrison
Pop… Darryl Vaci
Rich Man… Greg Huse
Rich Man’s Son… Jacob Albers
Dancing Urchin… Ty Rogers
Boy Scout … Loraina Tillmann
Weber… Steven Palmer
Tulsa… Jeremy Harris
L.A…. Jonathan Levine
Yonkers… Ty Rogers
Angie… Bridget Weiers
Kringelein… Mike Martin
Mr. Goldstone… Raymond Norton
Miss Cratchitt … Katie Behr
Anges… Ashley Paulson
Marjorie May… Olivia Watzke
Doloris… McKenzie Ketcher
Thelma… Tatum Slepica
Cigar… Steven Palmer
Pastey… Mike Martin
Tessie Tura… Katie Behr
Mazeppa… Catherine Libor
Electra… Lena Mowlem
Offstage Announcer… Greg Huse
Renee… Meredith Lieser
Phil…Raymond Norton
Bourgeron-Cochon… Greg Huse
Chowsie…Bently Bonte

Auditioning Mothers and Children & Hotel Guests…Meredith Lieser, Cora Zackrison, Jacob Albers, Sammi Tillmann, Loraina Tillmann, Elizabeth Gehlen, Ashley Paulson, Mara Pollman and Libby Benson.

About the Play:

A Tony Award winning show, GYPSY is the ultimate story about an aggressive stage mother. Join Rose,June and Louise in their trip across the United States during the 1920’s, when vaudeville was dying and burlesque was born.

Jule Styne’s music and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics include Let Me Entertain You, Some People, You’ll Never Get Away from Me, If Momma Was Married,

All I Need Is the Girl, Everything’s Coming Up Roses, You Got a Get A Gimmick and Together Wherever We Go. This is a gripping story of one mother’s dream, and of her suppressed talents that she has sacrificed to further the careers of her unappreciative daughters.

“When many people think of the play Gypsy they assume it will be about burlesque theatre and the stage persona of Gypsy Rose Lee but nothing could be further from the truth. That’s only the backdrop for a wonderful, deep and challenging story of the relationships within a small, struggling show business family. It’s about a domineering stage mother trying to live out her dreams vicariously though the budding careers of her two daughters, one born for show business, the other shy and withdrawn. The story takes place over several years and explores the changing dynamics between these characters. It has been called by some the greatest American musical and is generally considered the last of the great American Musical. It’s a great show!” Bill Haas