Sanders Family Christmas

Sanders Family ChristmasThe well-liked family from “Smoke on the Mountain” are returning for the follow-on show of “Sanders Family Christmas” at the historic Episcopal Church, sponsored by Historic Hutchinson.

7 PM show daily June 18 through the 22nd
2 PM matinee on June 23rd
Written by Connie Ray, Conceived by Alan Bailey
Musical arrangements by John Foley and Gary Fagin

Directed by Jim Fahey.

About the Play:

In this sequel to the ever popular New York hit Smoke on the Mountain, the Sanders family returns to Mount Pleasant, NC, home of the Mount Pleasant Pickle Factory. It’s Christmas Eve, 1941.

This musical comedy was authored by Alan Bailey, Gary Fagin, John Foley and Connie Ray.

Tickets go on sale April 15th for $20 each and available online or at The Hutchinson Center for the Arts.


Burl (the Dad)…..Andrew Hermodson-Olsen

Vera (the Mom)…..Patti Cogley

Stanley (the Uncle)…..Raymond Norton

Dennis (17 year old twin)…..Kirk Hendirckson

Denise (17 year old twin)…..Beatrice Winter

June (23 year old sister)…..Elisabeth Lauer

Mervin Oglethorpe (Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church)…..Adam Krumrie

Miss Maude…..Catherine Libor Huse

Miss Mrytle…..Kathy Hanneman

Brought by special arrangements with Samuel French, Inc.

This activity is funded, in part, by a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council (SMAHC) through appropriation from State Legislature with money from State’s general fund, and it’s arts and cultural heritage fund that was created by vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.