Blithe Sprit

Blithe SpiritBy Noel Coward

Aug 4th-9th

Location to be determined

Tickets are $18 per person

About the Play:

The play concerns the socialite and novelist Charles Condomine, who invites the eccentric medium and clairvoyant, Madame Arcati, to his house to conduct a séance, hoping to gather material for his next book. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife, Elvira, after the séance. Elvira makes continual attempts to disrupt Charles’s marriage to his second wife, Ruth, who cannot see or hear the ghost.



Auditions For Blithe Spirit May 21st-22nd, 6:30-8:30 

Location: Hutchinson Center for the Arts.


This comedy classic, directed by HCA veteran director Maureen Style (most recently, the successful production of Twelve Angry Men in fall 2012), will run August 4-9.


Casting requires 2 men and 5 women. Appointments not needed; those auditioning will read from the script and are asked to bring their summer schedule with them. Contact director Maureen Style, 320-583-8421, with questions.

Charles Condomine is a wealthy, successful novelist. In order to learn about the

occult, the subject of his next book, he invites an eccentric medium to conduct a

séance at his quiet country home in Kent. Convinced that she will be a fraudulent

imposter, little does he suspect what havoc will ensue.


Ruth Condomine is Charles’s second wife. She is charming, strong-willed and

obsessively curious about her husband’s relationship with his deceased first wife,



Edith is the Condomine’s new maid. She is nervous and tears around at breakneck

speed trying to do things right and make a good impression.


Dr. George Bradman is a good friend of the Condomines. He is entirely skeptical

of anything to do with the occult, but tries his utmost to go along with the

proceedings for the sake of Charles’s research.


Violet Bradman is Dr. Bradman’s wife. Simple and naïve, she is quite excited

about being in the presence of the medium, whom she finds fascinating.


Madame Arcati, the psychic, is the guest of honour at the Condomine’s country

home. Eccentric, effusive and boisterous, the stage directions in the script at her

first entrance describe her as “a striking woman, dressed not too extravagantly

but with a decided bias towards the barbaric.”


Elvira is Charles Condomine’s deceased first wife. Flirtatious, conniving and

catty, she uses every trick in the book to disrupt Charles’s current marriage and

torment Ruth because she wants Charles all to herself.