Old Herbaceous

Special Production in partnership with Historic Hutchinson

Show Location, dates and times:
The Historic Episcopal Church

June 23rd-27th

All shows 7:00PM

Tickets $20.00


‘Just a gardener’ as he is described in the final words of the play? What does Herbert Pinnegar have to offer theatre goers at the Hutchinson Histroic Episcopal Church? Well, probably a lot more than they had bargained for.

Not just for gardeners, this is an endearing story set in an old green house in the gardens of a Gloucestershire manor house where you imagine perfect lawns and well tended borders.

It centres on the enduring relationship between manservant and Lady Charteris of the Manor House, an unexpected love story.

The audience are drawn into Pinnegars world as he delivers the kind of anecdotes you’d expect from a character well into his old age. He recalls his life from boy to man with humour, self depreciation and love of his mistress.

As Pinnegar tells his stories his hands are always working, potting plants, eating oranges (gardening tip included) and drinking tea but it doesn’t distract from what he says – in fact it makes it more real, it makes the audience part of his world.

Don’t miss this very special and intreging story, told through the eyes of Old Herbaceous!