The Fantasticks Cast

  • The Mute: Cassie Jurgenson
  • El Gallo: Raymond Norton
  • Luisa: Rachel Banderman
  • Matt: Evan Jacobsen
  • Hucklebee: Daryl Patrick
  • Bellomy: Mike Martin
  • Henry: Eddie Val Gould
  • Mortimer: Brad Burich
  • Director: Maureen Style

“The Fantasticks” tells the story of a young man (Matt) and the girl (Luisa) next door, whose parents (Hucklebee and Bellomy) have built a wall to keep them apart. The youngsters nevertheless contrive to meet and fall in love. Their parents, meanwhile, are congratulating themselves, for they have erected the wall and staged a feud in order to achieve a marriage between their willfully disobedient children.

The musical will have a six-show run, opening Thursday, July 30, through Saturday, Aug. 1, and Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 6-8, at the Hutchinson Middle School, 1365 South Grade Road S.W.